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We share our activities and materials prepared with great care and effort on our website to contribute to the education in our country, without any expectation or demand from our esteemed colleagues, respected parents, and dear students. We are well aware of how sacred and valuable labor is. Therefore, on our website, we not only share the materials we have created but also certain works that we believe contain a significant contribution from the ministry, without altering their content and by citing the source.

We take pride in seeing that our works, which belong to our website, are used in many national and international projects (etwinning, codeweek, intellectual and mental games tournaments, math Olympiads, etc.).

Our education community is a vast ocean... We also value the efforts of our publishing houses and esteemed colleagues and have great respect for them. If you come across a work on our website that you believe belongs to the publishers or our esteemed colleagues and could potentially lead to copyright infringement, we kindly request you to share it with us.

With love and respect,

Silivri - İstanbul