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Who is Mustafa Turan?

I was born in Ağrı in 1978... I completed my primary school in Ağrı, my secondary education in Ankara, my high school education in Burdur and Denizli, and my higher education at Konya Selçuk University.

After working in the private sector for a certain period of time, I started teaching in Diyarbakır, my first place of duty. I stayed in the hamlet (village) voluntarily for nearly five years. During my stay, while getting to know the people living in that region and the cultural richness of our country, I had the opportunity to implement many projects with the local people.

After working for nearly three years in Istanbul Bahçelievler, my second place of duty, I was appointed as an administrator in Silivri. After working as an administrator for a certain period of time, I returned to teaching at my own request. I work as a teacher at Bahçelievler Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Science and Art Center, which is within the body of our Ministry of National Education.

As someone who believes that the growth and development of our country can only be achieved through education since my childhood, I have put in all my work and effort in this field. I took an active part in many education-related projects at national and regional levels. In order to provide better educational opportunities to our children; I completed Turkish Brain Team Training Programs, Turkish Chess Federation Referee and Coaching Trainings, Turkish Mangala Federation Referee and Coaching Trainings, Turkish Scouting Federation Scout Leadership Trainings and Istanbul Robotics Academy Training Programs. I still serve actively in these institutions. I also completed many national and regional seminars and training programs of our Ministry of National Education.

On a voluntary basis, I actively participated in education and training activities in the community service departments of municipalities, public education centers, nursing homes and prisons. I hope that this educational site, where we offer the activities and materials that I have prepared with my personal efforts without expecting anything in return, for the benefit of our esteemed teachers, our beloved students and our valued parents, will be useful. Your suggestions and criticism will ensure that our work is better and of higher quality.

I would like to express my gratitude to my wife Nurcan and my beloved son Muhammed Azmi, who are always with me, and to my valuable colleague Zafer Andaç Özer, who prepared this site day and night. So glad to have you! Everything is for education and my beautiful country...

Kind regards…

Mustafa TURAN


Mustafa Turan - Teacher

Silivri - İstanbul